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Crowood Sports Guides Golf – by Matt Stables


Crowood Sports Guides Golf book By Matt Stables
120 pages of golf information and photos

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Objective of the Book
Welcome to Crowood Sports Guide to Golf. The aim of this book is to equip players of all abilities and experience with the tools to excel at golf and to enjoy the game. This book is aimed at the complete beginner just looking to start the game and at experienced players looking to take their game to the next level. It is important to understand a number of different areas to play to your best and many areas will be looked at so that you have the tools to improve and enjoy the great game of golf.

Structure of the Book
The introduction to the game will take you through the history of the game with the hope that the great players and history of the game will inspire you to play and understand the modern game. Then in Section 1 we will take you through how to get started in the game, to the basic of the technique or the swing, putting and the short game. This is designed for the beginner player but even the experienced player should review this section and there will be something to help even the most advanced player.
In Section 2 we will cover more advanced swing ideas and then take you through other areas that have an impact on your performance and enjoyment of the game, such as to how to use your practice time, the mental game, how your equipment performs and your fitness for golf. It will also cover subjects like how to keep improving your swing, understanding how the body works, swing plane and the correct impact position.

Each chapter will begin with what the objectives are and then go into more detail about how you can achieve these objectives.
Also, when appropriate, the book will assume that the player is a right handed player. If you are a left hand player simply reverse the terms.

Objectives of the book and Structure of the Book
Introduction to the Game
Chapter 1 – History of the Game of Golf
*Understand Golf’s beginnings
*Learn about the greats of the game to be inspired and learn from them

Section 1- Basic Tools you Need to Play Golf
Chapter 2 – Aim of the Game
*Learn how to get started in the game and how to get involved
*Understand what equipment you need
*Where you can play

Chapter 3 – The Set-up for the swing
*Learn the fundamentals of the set-up which are the beginnings of a great swing

Chapter 4 – Striking the ball and building the swing
*Why making good contact comes first before distance and accuracy
*Start to develop a good contact
*Develop the foundations of a good swing

Chapter 5 – Putting
*Become competent at the most important part of the game
*Learn from the hole backwards to see success from the start
*Learn fun skills tests to play and compete at on the putting green

Chapter 6 – How to Chip and Pitch
*Learn the next step of the short game
*Develop good fundamentals and ability to apply good technique from short range and bunkers
*Learn and Play fun skill tests to improve your skills

Section 2- More Advanced Skills to for Intermediate and Advanced Players
Chapter 7 – Developing the Swing
*Learn more advanced Swing ideas for intermediate and advanced players
*Develop the full swing so with a good body motion and swinging the club on plane
*Understand the correct impact position

Chapter 8 – Effective Practice
*Understand how to make the most efficient use of your practice time
*Understand the different types of practice and how we learn
*Make practice fun and challenging so you see improved performance on the course

Chapter 9 – Fitness for Golf
*Make the connection as to how physical limitations affect your swing and are the root cause of a swing faults
*Demonstrate Physical tests you can perform to test your golf fitness
* Show some easy to perform exercise to correct these limitations

Chapter 10 – Effective Mental Approach and Course Management
*Understand some easy to implement mental strategies to improve performance
*How to review your game using some basic statistics
*Understand key guidelines for good course management

Chapter 11 – Equipment
*Understand why custom fitted clubs can help your game
*Learn what you need to look for to find the performing irons, wedges, putter and Woods for each individual
*Suggested Reading
*Useful websites


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