Golf Coaching Lessons in Essex

Individual private golf lessons are available with the aim of improving your game by 4 shots over the next 12 months. Sessions take place at South Essex Golf Centre  to help you develop and improve. Whatever the standard of your game I can help you to reach the next level.  Individual golf lessons are ideal for all levels of player from complete golf beginner to advanced. a great way to start is by taking a detailed Golf Game Assessment where I assess the strengths and weaknesses to provide you with a plan of improvement using the best golf coaching tools.
Please contact me to book your golf lessons in Essex or for further information.

Golf Coaching Lessons can be on any of the following :

Swing Technique

A good swing involves a number of good fundamentals. I will assess your fundamentals and help you reduce and improve your own individual faults.

This can be aided by using V1 Analysis software to capture your swing so you can really understand what happens in your swing. Often the feel of what you are doing compared to what you really are doing is very different. Seeing is believing!

Sky Trak

club head speed, ball speed, spin rates and much, much more.

Sessions on Flightscope can also be on;

  • Measure the carry distance of each club to aid course management
  • Find the optimum setting for your adjustable driver
  • Compare the performance of different clubs
  • Measuring your improvement over time

The use of Flighscope is included in your lesson fee!!! The Swing Studio is a great place to have lessons in the warm and away from the bad weather..

  • Club Fitting

Are you getting the most out of your Driver? Flight Scope will give you information on clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle and spin rate, all of which affect your distance and accuracy. This can be used to ensure you have the correctly fitted driver for your game. I can also fit you for irons, hybrids, fairway woods & wedges plus repair any broken clubs. Fitting can be for new clubs or to your current set. Coastal Golf Store can supply you with the latest golf equipment at competitive prices.

Short Game Golf Lessons

Shots of 100 yards and in make up 60 to 70 percent of the game so they are the quickest way to improve your scores. Working on getting your chipping, bunkers, pitching and lob shots will take the pressure off your long game and putting.

Putting Lessons

Putting is an important part of the game and is 40% of the game no matter what you level. There are many ways in which you can get the ball in the hole but with some good fundamentals you can make your stroke as simple as possible so that you can make this happen more often. Developing distance control and green reading are also important.

Mind Set

How you think about and approach your shots will have a big influence on your performance on the course. Elements of a good approach include setting goals, pre-shot routines, how you use the time in-between shots, dealing with bad golf shots, picking targets, staying in the moment and much more. All of these issues can be addressed and demonstrated to allow you to get the most out of your rounds of golf.

Course management

You can make the most of a good day by using a sound strategy to get yourself around the golf course. There are some key rules to help you do this which will be covered in ‘on the course’ sessions. Learn how to deal with sloping lies, bad lies, dealing with water hazards and out of bounds plus much more.

How to Practice Effectively

Much of golfers practice time is spent poorly and ineffectively. Most people have busy lives so it is important you get the most out of your practice in the time you have. By understanding the different types of practice and learning how to make practice fun, challenging and effective you will learn how to get the maximum benefit in a much shorter period of time.

Golf Coaching Prices

Player Assessment- £30 lasting 60 minutes
45mins- £35
60 mins- £45

Golf Lessons Packages

4 x 45 Minute Sessions for £125

5 x 60 Minute Sessions for £190

7 x 60 Minute Sessions for £270

Intensive Golf in a Day Program

4 x 45 minute lessons on different parts of the game, a 9 hole playing lesson, lunch and free range balls. An intensive program to quickly improve all parts of your game. Spaced throughout the day so you can have some practice in between lessons. This can be completed as a half day or full day with a timetable for the day agreed at the time of booking. Cost £180.

Performance Programs

A new approach to improving your golf!! Are you serious about improving your golf? If you are then we can develop a specific program for you. You will have a number of coaching hours on a per month basis so we can improve all parts of your game, including:

1 hour per month-£40 per month plus 1 x 9 hole playing lesson

2 hours per month-£80 per month plus 2 x 9 hole Playing Lessons

4 hours per month-£140 per month plus 2 x 9 hole & 1 x 18 holes Playing Lessons

  • Set clear objectives & Goals to take your Golf to the next level
  • Bespoke Improvement plan for all areas of your game
  • Improve your Swing, Short game, Putting, Course management, Mind Set, Effective Practice, prepare better plus much more….
  • Use of V1-Swing HD video
  • Sky Trak to aid understanding of impact, distances with each club & measure improvement plus maximising your driver.
  • On course coaching
  • Golf Fitness Assessment
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Equipment check
  • Statistics software to help track your improvement
  • Fun Skills tests to track your improvement
  • Access to play in Pro-am’s in the County & Region

The program is for a minimum of 12 months. Standing order is preferred method of payment after the initial 2 months.