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Winter is Coming!

Winter is on its way and its always a downer for us golfers. Playing in your waterproofs and in the cold can have its good points but it is much easier to play in a shirt. But, what can you do to make the best of the winter months and improve your game for next year.


  • Start getting ready for next season now – If you want to improve your game for next year, why not start now so you can hit the ground running when next season starts. Reflect on what you did well and what you need to improve on.
  • Winter is good time to improve your technique– You don’t want to be thinking about your swing too much when you are playing alot. Take some time to evaluate your technique and ball flight. What are your strengths and what needs some work. Sit down with your coach and have a discussion to get their feedback.
  • Improve your fitness- Being flexible and stable are only going to help you play better. Tour players will use the winter off season to really focus on their fitness. Try pilates as a great way to improve your flexibility, stability and posture which can really help your swing and game.
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