Playing Lessons with Matt Stables

Playing lessons are a great way to learn how to improve your scores and all areas of your game.
Whilst on the course we will look at how you deal with situations in a space that is a very different arena to the practice area.
Many people wonder why they perform better in practice than on the course.
Playing golf lessons will give you some insight into why this is and how the pros deal with different situations on the course.

Playing Lessons

You may be surprised to learn that a good golf score is not always about puring every shot but more about managing your bad shots, making good decisions and a good mental approach. Also, learn how to deal with sloping lies, bad lies, deal with water hazards and out of bonds plus much more. Playing golf lessons can take place at a course of your choice, or at Colne Valley, Frinton, Epping Golf Course. It can be at the course you play regularly or at a course you have always wanted to play. It can be for just you or for up to 3 people.

Prices of Playing Lessons

18 holes – £95
9 holes – £55
4 holes – £35
18 holes – £60 each for a group of three.

Please contact me to book or for more information.